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For more information see: Improve your piano note reading skills with this educational music game for iPhone and iPod Touch. This simple game challenges...

iReadMusic iPhone app

The good folks at GLP Software, who developed the iReadMusic app, were kind enough to send me a free version to test out. I think it's a great way to learn chords, both the sounds of them and...

DoReMemory iPhone App

Music education app nearly ready for the app store.

Parking Lot App for Ipod Itouch Iphone

Parking Lot App for Ipod Itouch Iphone.

iPhone App Magic Stave Screen Config Demo

A short demo of how to configure the various screen elements of Magic Stave just by tapping them. Taps either cycle through the various modes of a field (e.g. Staves - Grand, Treble & Bass)...

iPhone apps - Pianochords

iphoneappstar : Download this app:

Karajan® - Music & Eartrainer for iPhone & iPod Touch

This is a demonstration video of Karajan, the first and only Music & Eartrainer for iPhone & iPod Touch.

"Note Trainer" iPhone Application

Here is a quick video demo of the iPhone app "Note Trainer" that I recently created. (^_^) Check http://www.i...

The iPod in Music Education

Presentation by Dr. Joseph Ruszkowski.

ET the Ear Trainer

Learn the major scales in a fun and easy way!

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