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More cowbell?

Pretty cool app,easy to use. I really need to remind everybody that there are 7 clefs? Just two is not enough.

I live it

Really good App! My sightreading skills keep being trained and it is easyer for me when i come back to the piano. Five stars when there will be an Sound Option so i can hear the notes


But please make an option to change B to H. Thanks.

great idea!

i love this app! just 1 problem. when i edit something, and i restart the app, nothing is stored. please fix it! i want play longer than a minute and dont want edit it evertime again. thanxxx and best

Great app!

Ignore other comments. This has helped my sightreading fluency very much, and can notice myself getting better (with the built-in high score feature). It is just what I needed to keep my sightreading sharp over the summer before returning to university (for music). I find the price reasonable, and am excited about the features to come.

Nice app

Should have alto and tenor clefs too!

A great way to improve your sight reading.

This is a fun, addicting way to brush up on your sight reading. My only complaint is that the keyboard is too small for my fingers -- which leads to errors in hitting the right note. I think it would have been better to have a horizontal format with bigger keys. But even with the small keys, it is still a very effective teaching aid.

Excellent Trainer

This app is exactly what I needed as someone who is just learning to play the piano. Being able to learn by just the Treble or Bass cleft, then by both, and being able to learn to recognize notes not only by letter but now also their placement on the keyboard is fantastic. This feature makes this app very worthwhile. Updates have made this application absolutely perfect. I would recommend to anyone starting out or wanting to keep up on their note recognition skills. Excellent Value!!


It crashes a lot, especially when editing levels. I would like it if the keyboard was bigger and had more octaves. 5 stars if crashing is fixed though good job overall!


This app used to work fine, now it crashes with more enthusiasm than Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Desperately needs an update. Get on with it and earn the $3.99 I paid.

Pretty good!

Pretty good...

Excellent app!

This is exactly what I was looking for in order to improve my bass clef note reading skills. The horizontal screen orientation makes it 5 stars!

Not so good あまりよくないです

This product lacks Tenor clef. It does not play each note. Compare to the limited function, it seems rather expensive. ト音記号とヘ音記号だけの練習で,しかもそれぞれの音は出ません. 機能が不足なのに450円は高すぎると思います. musictheory.netのnote trainer のようなものなら,人気が出ると思うのですが.


I would pay 20 dollar if this App can pick up sound fron microphone of iphone. Its good that you can choose how to answer the quiz: by touch virtual piano keyboard, choose from CDEFGAB, or Do Re Mi...., However, we all need sound!



Great App!!

Just what Ive been looking for. Very helpful. A chord catagory would be cool in the future.


This app is very nice looking but I have trouble with the audio. The note pressed sounds less than 50% of the time. The mix of the audio and visual (green/red bar) cues is worse than just the visual confirmation so I turn the sound off, but would like to see this issue fixed. Also Id like a wrong answer to give bad sound, possibly a detuned key, but this should be optional if available.

Good but could be better

Useful but only covers two ledger lines above or below the staff. Doesnt show ledger lines for accented notes for some reason. Only bass and treble clefs. All that said, it will improve your recognition skills. Has the potential to be great with just a little more work.

Fun & effective way to learn to read music

This app is fun and easy to use and is a fantastic way to learn to read music. I am currently learning bass with it, and am looking forward to using it for guitar. I showed it to My husband who a musician and used to teach music-he thinks it is great too. This is my favorite app!

Super Freakin Awesome!!!

This is perfect for my High school piano class. Before I had to carry around tons of flash cards that got torn, lost, or destroyed, but now I don’t have to worry about that any more!!! This is a great product for anyone who takes or wants to take piano or any musician!!! I have some suggestions you should really think about having different time limits like 90, 60, and 30 seconds. And you should be able to pick what notes you want to be quizzed on too.

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